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Showcase of Work

These are a gallery of past projects that I have work on over these past years.


Paver Patio and Plants

This project is a back patio and steps flagstone stepping stones. With colorful trees and plants around.


Garden Wall & Decorative Stones

This a small project with garden walls, some landscape lighting on beds and decorative stone to cover ground on beds


Retaining Wall by the Lake

This is a retaining walls project by a small lake that is about 5ft close to the lake we used Pisa 2 block and coping


Blue stone Patio & Steps

This is a bluestone project with a random pattern of different stone sizes. We built a patio, step by step, up to the porch with the bluestones.


Rejuvenated Patio

In this project, we repair a sunken patio and steps by rejuvenating it with a power washed resand and sealed.


Backyard Tree Patio

In this backyard patio project, we used the elements we build with patio around a tree with Brussels brick and Pisa 2 block and coping retaining wall.


Fire Pit Sitting Area

This is a seating well project with pillars and a fire pit at the very center. We used Lineo block and Ledgestone caps on pillars, and Brussels block and Brussels full nose coping on seating walls and fire pit. We used Beacon Hill pavers on the floor. This is the perfect area to relax and enjoy after a hard day at work.


Natural Stone Stepping 

In this project, we use culture stone and bluestone on steps, pillars, and walkways.

Past Projects: Projects
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